Let Your Data Safe

More simple and secure with QRCode login mechanism, save you from sniff/pishing with no history and credential footprint

Remote Work, even offline

Even in remote area, with web light version and offline desktop mode, give Douane Officers stay connected to work together

Integrated With Hightables

With API Data from CEISA 4.0 (core), eKemenkeu (Nadine), Kemenko Maritim and counting, are seemless integration in background

Apply with BSSN's Digital Signature

Document signed using standard certificate signed by BSSN and comply with other system used to

All About Custsoms Administrasion

Two line: Offline module for internal used and Online module for all registed Indonesian Customs Stakeholders

Accelerated & Customized for Indonesian Customs Tasks


All about softcopy, hardcopy, sharing, retency, archieve management and other document processing

Remote Work

Output based for delivery and finishing task, agenda, calendar, reminder, time management, log book and more

Continues Improvement

Need a fast response to adapt with international trade law, roled by > 16 Other government agencies